The Land Before Time

15 October 2006

The Iowa Republican Party has included support for Intelligent Design / Creationism in its party platform.

3.4 We support the teaching of alternative theories on the origins of life including Darwinian Evolution, Creation Science or Intelligent Design, and that each should be given equal weight in presentation.

Bob Vander Plaats, the running-mate for Iowa's gubernatorial race has much the same to say on the topic:
"If we are going to teach evolution, there is another viewpoint and one that holds pretty good too (evolution) in regards to creation," Vander Plaats said. "I think that is something that I would want to visit further along with Jim Nussle in regards to 'Where are you at on that?' But my viewpoint is I would like to give both of these (time in the classroom)."

Fuckin' Iowa...

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