McCain At Discovery Institute

15 February 2007

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is going to be speaking at a luncheon hosted by the Discovery Institute, an Intelligent Design / Creationist think-tank famous for its vocal opposition to the theory of evolution.

If it's any comfort, it looks like McCain's topic is going to be "What is the role of the U.S. in the global community?" Also, two other groups are co-sponsoring the event (CityClub of Seattle and the Seattle World Affairs Council).

Anyway, let's see what McCain has had to say in the past about ID. This first one is from August 2005:

Daily Star: Should intelligent design be taught in schools?
I think that there has to be all points of view presented. But they've got to be thoroughly presented. So to say that you can only teach one line of thinking I don't think is - or one belief on how people and the world was created - I think there's nothing wrong with teaching different schools of thought.
Daily Star:
Does it belong in science?
There's enough scientists that believe it does. I'm not a scientist. This is something that I think all points of view should be presented.
This second one is from July 2006:
In the final question of the evening, an audience member asked McCain to outline his stance on teaching evolution and creationism in schools.

"I think Americans should be exposed to every point of view," he said. "I happen to believe in evolution. ... I respect those who think the world was created in seven days. Should it be taught as a science class? Probably not."
I don't know what to make of this guy.

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