Bill O'Reilly On DailyKos: Part III

24 July 2007

O'Reilly has still more to say about DailyKos:

Of course, O'Reilly doesn't cite anything specific from the site to support his claim that "The DailyKos now has a posting calling for the violent overthrow of the government." DailyKos is now offering a pony to anyone who can find such a post.

Also, here's some more overwrought hyperbole about DailyKos:

POWERS: What I was going to say --

O"REILLY: Real quick.

POWERS: -- is there's a lot of stuff that they do that isn't horrible. Most, like 90 --

O'REILLY: Oh, I see. It's kind of like Al Capone.

POWERS: No. No. No. But it's really --

O'REILLY: We'll only do bad things on Thursday, and we'll slaughter a bunch of people, but on Friday we'll go to church. Stop.

POWERS: But the majority -- look, the majority of the stuff -- there's a lot of good diaries that are put up there. There's a lot of smart political stuff that's on there.

O'REILLY: Mussolini made the trains run on time.

POWERS: Oh, it's not like Mussolini. That's ridiculous.

So now O'Reilly has compared DailyKos to Hitler, Mussolini, the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Germany, and Al Capone. All of this, mind you, based on user comments left on the site.

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