Jeffrey Toobin Is Absolutely Right

25 September 2008

How can these people be so gullible to say that McCain has "suspended" his campaign when he's still appearing on news networks, running TV ads, attacking his opponent, fundraising, etc.? What is the difference between this and "campaigning"?

The CNN guy who approves of McCain's quick and regret-less decision-making (McCain also likes to play craps, by the way) argues that McCain will be taking down some of his ads for Friday (although they're set to go back on air Saturday). But doesn't that entirely miss the point? How on earth does that advance McCain's goal of getting an economic compromise done? And won't somebody please point out that McCain has repeatedly said "The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should," and insisted that he'd have to hire people to tell him what this Economy business is all about?

UPDATE: This Sarah Palin interview is retarded, and you should all watch it.

The fact that these two attention deficit disorder politicians are so close to the White House is truly scary.

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