Greta Van Susteren Is Insane

12 December 2008

FOX News host Greta Van Susteren just wrote this post for FOX News:

oh oh - what does this mean?

I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune about big Dem operative close to Congressman Rahm Emanuel…his name is Jimmy DeLeo…the Trib tried to find him in several of his haunts including - get this - the Excelsior Casino in Aruba!! That is where Joran met Natalee Holloway! As soon as I get off the train I will link the whole article…but this sure is odd!!

That's just so embarrassing to read.

Also, are people still talking about Natalee Holloway? I know that it's a tragedy and all, but this is one person who disappeared about half a decade ago. There are 50,930 active missing adult cases in the United States right now. Why focus on this one so obsessively? Is it just because she's an attractive blonde woman? Why pay so much attention to this rather than, say, disappearing mass graves in Afghanistan?

And just what is Van Susteren suggesting, anyway? That Jimmy DeLeo, Rahm Emanuel, and Barack Obama are kidnapping murderers? That "Questions Remain" about whether or not they're kidnapping murderers? I don't get it. . . .


Anonymous said...

....Greta is writing about Natale because we are interested in finding out what happened to her.

...We want to see the responsible party brought to justice.

....I don't think that is so hard to understand??

Samuel Brainsample said...

I know that there are plenty of people interested in finding out exactly what happened with this story. Greta Van Susteren, however, is offering no answers.

Her poorly-written post just asserts that a man was once at a hotel where two people once met (one of whom later disappeared). This provides no evidence of anything whatsoever, and sheds no light on the story you're curious to hear about.

It's beyond ridiculous.

It's just pure, frothing obsession to yammer on about how a "big Dem operative" knows of a guy who knows of a guy who was at a place where a man met a woman who disappeared at some point many years ago.

Anonymous said...

yea. I walk around Richmond every day.. people are killed here all the time. I must be involved somehow.

Greta is a joke and has no business being on TV doing nothing but spreading completely mindless propaganda.