Pointless Missouri Resolution

11 March 2007

Rep. Carl Bearden (R-MO) has introduced an amendment to the Missouri state constitution that does precisely nothing. Here is the text of the amendment itself:

that to secure a citizen's right to acknowledge Almighty God according to the dictates of personal convictions, neither the state nor any of its political subdivisions shall establish any official religion, but a citizen's right to pray or to express his or her religious beliefs shall not be infringed; that the state shall not compose prayers nor coerce any person to participate in any prayer or other religious activity, but shall ensure public school students their right to free exercise of religious expression without interference, as long as such prayer or other expression is private and voluntary, whether individually or corporately, and in a manner that is not disruptive nor in violation of other policies, rules, or standards, and as long as such prayers or expressions abide within the same parameters placed upon any other free speech under similar circumstances

Uh, all of that is already perfectly legal and guaranteed by the constituion.

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