Tom Delay and Godwin's Law

10 May 2007

On his blog today, Tom Delay (pictured on the left) demonstrates that his irony-meter is broken.

Responding to recent comments by Vladimir Putin comparing U.S. foreign policy to that of the Third Reich, Tom Delay commented "Odd, I only thought it was the radical left in our own nation which enjoys likening the United States to Nazi Germany."

But Tom Delay has been pretty liberal himself with Nazi references. In his recent book, Tom Delay remarks:

“I believe it was Adolf Hitler who first acknowledged that the big lie is more effective than the little lie, because the big lie is so audacious, such an astonishing immorality, that people have a hard time believing anyone would say it if it wasn’t true. You know, the big lie — like the Holocaust never happened or dark-skinned people are less intelligent than light-skinned people. Well, by charging this big lie [that DeLay violated campaign-finance laws in Texas] liberals have finally joined the ranks of scoundrels like Hitler.”

In a radio interview last month, Tom Delay compared his indictment to "the eradication of six million jews" and said that "it's the same process."

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