CNN on Creationism

08 June 2007

Michael Smerconish interviewed creationist Ken Ham on CNN last night. It started off with an endorsement ("If you`re looking for a great vacation for the family this summer, you might want to forget about Disney World or Six Flags and try the brand spanking new Creation Museum in Kentucky") and then continued with softball questions ("so dinosaurs co-existed with man, with Adam and Eve?") and statements of support ("what I`m upset about is when we see like we`re giving shelter to the kids by hiding them from different theories [creationism] that are out there"). Reading the transcript, it becomes very clear that Smerconish is just setting Ham up to give his spiel, without even a whiff of criticism. But still, even with these easy set-up questions, Smerconish assures Ham that "I'm not giving you a workout," and that "I want to take my kids to your -- to your place."

Then the interview ends:
HAM: You know, there`s information being censored from the public. I believe that they all need to hear this and be challenged in their thinking. I was taught to be a teacher, to teach students critical thinking skills, so I think that`s a great idea.
SMERCONISH: Amen to that, and no pun intended. Thank you, Dr. Hamm. Appreciate you being here.

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