CNN Takes Apocalypse Seriously

18 June 2007

CNN recently aired an hour-long presentation entitled "Honest Questions About the End of Days." In it, host Glenn Beck interviewed Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, authors of the Left Behind series (which even spawned a video game) about how Russia and Iran are probably going to fulfill some biblical prophecies and bring about the rise of the antichrist, etc. The whole program is ridiculous, but here are a few quotes to capture the flavor.

First, they ackowledge that people consider them crazy.
GLENN BECK: "This is a show that I`ve wanted to do for a while, but quite honestly, what stops me from doing it is people think I`m nuts."
JOEL ROSENBERG, AUTHOR, "EPICENTER": "people, for years, have been saying that evangelical Christians who talk about the Book of Revelation or the last days are sort of the weird and spooky ones."
JERRY JENKINS, CO-AUTHOR, "LEFT BEHIND" SERIES: "We get labeled as crackpots"
GLENN BECK: "It might sound nuts, but I encourage you to listen and, at the end of the hour, judge for yourself. Is this nuts, or is it possible that this is happening?"
JERRY JENKINS: "they`re saying we`re crazy"
GLENN BECK: "There are times I think I`m nuts"
TIM LAHAYE: "I was afraid that people would come to this conclusion and think we`re crazy and then, after they read it, then they knew we were crazy."
GLENN BECK: "there would be people that would say, this is nuts"

So what prophecies have been fulfilled so far?
TIME LAHAYE, CO-AUTHOR, "LEFT BEHIND" SERIES: "In Daniel 12, he talks about in the last days -- he specifies when it will be -- the people will be running to and fro on the earth and knowledge will be increased. You talk about evidence of the supernatural in the Bible, how in the world did that prophet, 2,500 years ago, link up knowledge and travel? And yet, that`s exactly what we have. Because of the increase in knowledge, there has been an increase in the speed of travel. And people are running everywhere in the world."

When will this happen?
TIM LAHAYE: "I`ve come to the conclusion that the world cannot last, prophetically, more than 25 to 50 years."

This isn't the first serious treatment of apocalyptic scenarios I've seen on CNN. But what's most distressing to me is that it's not just CNN who takes this crap seriously.
JOEL ROSENBERG: "And what`s fascinating to me, since I have, I`ve been invited to the CIA, invited to the Pentagon, to the White House, to speak to people on Capitol Hill, and in countries all over the world -- privately, it`s almost, you know, off the record, we want to sit and ask you, Joel, do you really believe that Iraq is going to rise as the most wealthy and powerful country on the face of the planet? A senior adviser to the prime minister of Iraq had breakfast with me in Washington to ask me that question."

EDIT: Glenn Beck also reveals his fears that global warming is merely an excuse for the UN to create the one-world government that the bible prophecies predict the anti-christ will run.

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