Celebrities Talk Politics: Mos Def

09 September 2007

On the recent Osama Bin Laden video tape:

"I don’t believe that was Bin Laden today. I don’t believe it was never him. I think it’s some dude just standing"

On whether or not Osama Bin Laden contributed to the destruction of the World Trade Center:
Absolutely not!...

Science – highly-educated people in all areas of science have spoken on the fishiness around that whole 9/11 theory. It’s like the magic bullet and all that shit."

On the moon landing:
I don’t believe these motherfuckers been to the moon, neither. But that’s just me...

I don’t believe they went to the moon.

On O.J. Simpson killing his wife:
"I don’t believe that shit neither!"

On Bigfoot:
"I do believe in the Bigfoot, though. I believe."

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