David Vitter Funds Creationism

24 September 2007

Prostitute-renter David Vitter (R-LA) has earmarked $100,000 for a Kent Hovind-affiliated group to promote its own brand of "better science education." The Times Picayune has the story here, but the Panda's Thumb has a better headline: Pork-Barrel Antievolution.

The money in the earmark will pay for a report suggesting "improvements" in science education in Louisiana, the development and distribution of educational materials and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Ouachita Parish School Board's 2006 policy that opened the door to biblically inspired teachings in science classes.

"I believe it is an important program," Vitter said.

So what kind of science "improvements" does the Louisiana Family Forum promote?
Mills said his group is not attempting to push the teaching of evolution out of the schools, but wants to supplement it. Yet, some of the material posted on the Louisiana Family Forum's Web site suggests a more radical view.

Among other things, a "Louisiana Family Forum Fact Sheet" at one point included "A Battle Plan -- Practical Steps to Combat Evolution" by Kent Hovind, a controversial evangelist who is serving a 10-year prison sentence for tax offenses and obstruction of justice.

Hovind's paper stated, "Evolution is not a harmless theory but a dangerous religious belief" that underpinned the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

It still amazes me that our leaders in Congress believe in and promote this hysterical garbage. Do we really want to spend $100,000 in taxes to fund a PR campaign against modern science?

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