Graph: Filibusters

19 December 2007

(via Ezra Klein)

"The strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail...and so far it's working for us. Democrats are taking the blame for not getting anything done."
(R) Trent Lott
Roll Call - April 18, 2007

UPDATE: As far as media coverage goes, I thought that this was very interesting:

A quick and dirty Lexis/Nexis search reveals that in 2007 the Times had 83 stories with the term "filibuster" and the Post had 187. Over the same period in 2005 (seemed like the first year of a Congressional session was the fair comparison), the term "filibuster" appeared in 358 Times stories and 407 Post stories.

(Steven Greene of North Carolina State University's Department of Political Science - via Glenn Greenwald)

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