Journalism: FOX News Style

06 July 2008

The New York Times recently ran a column about the drop in ratings at FOX News. In response, FOX ran a story that doctored photos of the NYT journalists to make them look more ghoulish, even going so far as to yellow their teeth:

This is the same FOX that (falsely) claimed that Obama was trained at a radical Muslim madrassa, that keeps on claiming that global warming is a hoax, that continuously promotes sex stories with little news value, that obsessed over Anna Nicole Smith, that entertains entire discussions about how shrill Hillary Clinton's voice is, that compares Obama to Hitler, that claims John Edwards supporters are racists, etc. How far do they have to go before people realize how completely ridiculous they are?

UPDATE: Video here:

UPDATE II:Here is a video of Rupert Murdoch laughably defending FOX News as a balanced and respectable news source, and lying about CNN (he says that the "extremely liberal" CNN never had a conservative voice on the channel, ignoring the programs hosted by Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, and Robert Novak).

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