Why is this guy taken seriously?

30 January 2008

Since when does this ridiculous bullshit pass for journalism? I know that the media has generally been obsessed with the race and gender angle of this presidential race, but Dick Morris just took it to a whole new level of stupidity by baselessly suggesting that John Edwards supporters are racists.

UPDATE: The most generous (and undeserved) interpretation one could give Morris here is that he thinks Edwards supporters strategically think that a white male would have a better chance in the general election. But while it is true that Edwards supporters are more likely to say that America is "not ready" for such a president compared to Hillary and Obama supporters (duh), it's absolutely 100% unwarranted to say that this is or ever was their primary concern. Furthermore, there is a huge difference between saying "America is not ready" for a woman or minority president, and saying that their primary concern is "which they don't like more - a black or a woman getting elected."

To an ordinary observer, it's pretty obvious that Morris is just race-baiting here, and it is completely absurd.

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