Delegate Head Count

09 January 2008

A lot has been made of Hillary Clinton's last-minute turnaround and victory in the New Hampshire primaries, but I think it's interesting to note that Barack Obama actually picked up more New Hampshire delegates than Hillary Clinton did. According to CNN, Obama picked up 12 New Hampshire delegates, whereas Clinton only gathered 11. Each candidate picked up the same number of state delegates (9), since the overall popular vote percentages were so close, but the state's superdelegates broke for Obama.

In Iowa, despite Obama's large margin of victory, he ended up getting 18 delegates to Clinton's 17 - a one delegate margin of victory. Again, this is due to the voting patterns of superdelegates (read: party bosses from the DNC).

Also, it looks like the superdelegates will overall end up in Clinton's camp.

Ah, the peculiarities of our electoral system.

UPDATE: Here is the GOP delegate-count so far:

(via Matthew Yglesias)

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