Just in Case You Forgot Where the New York Post Stands...

07 January 2008

Rupert Murdoch's New York Post has a new column about the presidential candidates, titled "BAM: Our First Woman Prez?" In it, the columnists describe Barack Obama as being "like a woman: slim, good looking, with long elegant fingers, appealingly dressed - all terms more typically ascribed to female candidates." They go on to describe Hillary Clinton as having "long been accused of androgyny - trying to sound like a man, flexing her rhetorical muscle." John Edwards is described "as a cute 8-year-old boy."

Contrast these descriptions to those of the Republican candidates. Mitt Romney is "the CEO with movie-star looks." John McCain is "the war hero and straight shooter." Mike Huckabee is "the parochial religious orator and weight loser."

Does anyone else see a discrepancy here?

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