Hillary Continues to Distort Obama Statement

23 January 2008

This is pure dishonesty. There's no way to honestly argue that Clinton thinks this is anything other than misleading. The obvious intent of this ad is simply to muddy the waters and create a false impression among South Carolina primary voters that Obama supports these ideas, which he obviously does not (for example, he voted to increase the minimum wage, contrary to what this ad implies). Furthermore, as I've noted before, this is a gross mischaracterization of what Obama actually said in that particular interview (note the very real difference between "ideas" and "good ideas").

He called her out on this at the last debate, so there is no excuse that she simply misunderstood his comments the first time (a dubious claim in the first instance).

UPDATE: Ben Smith at Politico:

In this negative spot sent to reporters by the Obama campaign, Clinton continues to take Obama's line that Republicans were the "party of ideas" to suggest that Obama backs specific Republican ideas, which is a stretch.

UPDATE II: Hillary Clinton's website dissembles and pretends that this ad doesn't imply what it so obviously does.

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