McCain Lies About Romney

29 January 2008

In one of his recent attack ads in Florida, John McCain says this about Mitt Romney:

McCain Radio Ad
Narrator: They say Mitt Romney likes numbers. His campaign says he likes to look at data. Well here are some numbers that should scare every Florida Republican. . . .
20 billion dollars that’s what Romney promised Detroit to bail out the auto industry on the back of taxpayers.

I'm no fan of Mitt Romney, but this is a highly dishonest mischaracterization of his position. What Mitt Romney said was this:
Romney (Jan. 14, 2008): If we're going to be the world's greatest economic power, we also have to invest in the future. It's time for us to be bold. I will make a five-fold increase – from $4 billion to $20 billion – in our national investment in energy research, fuel technology, materials science, and automotive technology. Let's invest in our future.
That is certainly not a bailout. It is an investment in technology and energy research - something we need if we're going to lessen our dependence on oil. This is particularly dishonest since McCain himself has claimed that he can make America "oil-independent" somehow within five years (!), a ridiculous claim on its face, and one that would absolutely require far more than $20 million in energy and technology investment.

Why is this guy labeled the "straight talker"?

UPDATE: Here is McCain lying about Romney's position on abortion. It looks like McCain will probably end up winning Florida today, but it's certainly a dirty win in my mind.

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