06 February 2008

You've gotta admit, the guy's good at grassroots organization and fundraising:

Particularly since this money is overwhelmingly coming from small individual donors.

But let's also keep in mind that "Barack Obama is Not Jesus," because the semi-religious praise of this guy is a little wacko. Let's also take it easy on the Kennedy comparisons and celebrity videos. I certainly think that he's the best candidate in the field, but I also think that these things are counterproductive. If the narrative becomes "Obama is a god-man who will solve all of our problems" rather than "Obama has better judgment, better positions on the issues, and a better leadership style," you can expect a "this guy has no substance and I'd rather vote for the familiar face" backlash.

Oh, and the $5 million that Hillary put into her campaign was already spent before Super Tuesday. And she already made it up in fundraising.

UPDATE: Yikes. On the other front, it looks like the Clinton campaign staffers are going without pay. Of course, this ultimately means nothing. McCain was in the same spot, and look where he is now. Running low on money certainly isn't fatal to a campaign. Nor does a surge of money mean that you've got it sewn up - look at where Romney is right now.

UPDATE II: Wow, they just broke the $5 million mark.

UPDATE III: Lest we start feeling sorry for the independently wealthy Sen. Clinton, let's keep in mind that she has raised enormous sums of money throughout the campaign, and had way more cash on hand very recently. She even broke her own record when she raised $13 million in January. It's just that she just spent it all trying to deliver a knockout blow on Super Tuesday. Specifically, she spent it on ads like this:

UPDATE IV: Hillary's campaign staffers are NOT going without pay. They only offered to do so. Her campaign would be breaking records for fundraising right now if it weren't for the fact that Obama is outpacing her. The $5 million loan last month was just to try to catch up. Also, Clinton has raised $6 million from 45,000 donors this month already (compare this to the 300,000+ donors behind Obama's fundraising).

UPDATE V: Obama donor counter:

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