Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama - Part II

24 February 2008

Rush Limbaugh has the following graphic on the front page of his website:

It links to a transcript where Snerdly calls an Obama anecdote "incredulous," and Rush Limbaugh has this to say:

RUSH: Thank you, Mr. Snerdley. Bo Snerdley, the official criticizer of Barack Obama. It is an unbelievable claim here, that it's easier to get Taliban weapons and it's easier to get Taliban ammunition than it is our own because the commander-in-chief has not got the troops properly equipped? Mr. Snerdley is right. I would like to echo Mr. Snerdley's criticism on this program. Prove this! Where's somebody demanding proof? Where's somebody demanding the name of the military official that Senator Obama spoke to? This just can't slide, folks.
However, ABC News has already looked into this story. They picked up the phone, called the Obama campaign, contacted the captain in question, and confirmed the story.

Aside from not doing his research prior to airing this segment, why does Rush have to cover this issue from a racial angle?

Part I: Rush misinforms his viewers about Barack Obama's legislative record.

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