Los Angeles Times Endorses Barack Obama

01 February 2008

The Los Angeles Times has just announced that it will be endorsing Barack Obama in the Democratic primary election this Tuesday. The endorsement is worth a read.

In other news, Clinton's 25 point lead in California has shrunk to just 3 points in the latest poll. Of course, the polls have been off by large margins in the past, and the large number of Edwards/undecided voters could ultimately tip the election in either direction (particularly if John Edwards comes out with an endorsement prior to Super Tuesday). Nonetheless, there is certainly some momentum in California, and it certainly seems to favor Obama. In just a few more days, we'll see how this turns out.

UPDATE: The Grateful Dead (or at least the remaining members) will be reuniting for an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco on Monday.

UPDATE II: Real Clear Politics has a sensitive estimate of Clinton at +11.7, once it accounts for the giant lead she had just last week, and the possibility that this latest poll is just an outlier. But the trend of a shrinking lead is certainly still there, and it's not a foregone conclusion that Clinton will win a majority of CA's delegates.

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