CNN and Coal - Again

16 May 2008

You might remember that the coal industry sponsored CNN's presidential debates, and that the only energy and environment questions asked related to the problems with nuclear waste storage. No questions on the problems with coal, on the candidates' cap-and-trade proposals, or on renewable energy portfolios.

Well, it looks like that's not the end of it:

CNN senior business correspondent Ali Velshi has been promoting coal-to-liquids technology and praising “clean coal, 99 percent clean” for an entire month. On Tuesday, CNN held a no-holds-barred coalfest, promoting coal-to-liquids and coal gasification technologies, calling coal “seductive,” and criticizing “blogs” who “go nuts” and “environmentalists” who “want to get rid of coal.”

What’s motivating CNN to closely mirror coal-industry talking points?

One hopes it has nothing to do with this:

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is a $45 million front group for over 40 companies in the coal industry.

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