Straight Talk - Part V

31 May 2008

At a town hall meeting, Sen. McCain (R-AZ) recently had this to say about Iraq:

So I can tell you that it is succeeding. I can look you in the eye and tell you it’s succeeding. We have drawn down to pre-surge levels. Basra, Mosul and now Sadr city are quiet and it’s long and it’s hard and it’s tough and there will be setbacks.
Have we really drawn down to pre-surge levels? No. McCain was either lying or misinformed. Neither is very reassuring when the guy is running for President. Also, just to remind everyone, McCain was also mistaken on whether Iran was training Al Qaeda and sending them into Iraq. He was even mistaken as to who declared a ceasefire in Basra. It's really bizarre how this guy has such a reputation for being a "straight-talking" foreign policy expert.

Part I: "I'm the only one the special interests don't give money to." False.
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Every time in history we have raised taxes it has cut revenues." False.
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Part IV: "Iran[] taking Al Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back." False.

UPDATE: McCain lies about his statements:

: Obama responds:

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