FOX News on Lincoln-Douglas

01 May 2008

Apparently, the people over at FOX News are having some trouble telling the difference between Stephen Douglas (who participated in the Lincoln-Douglas debates) and Frederick Douglas (the African abolitionsit, who probably would have difficulty getting a senate seat at a time when slavery was still the law).

UPDATE: Staying on the FOX theme, I love this video of Bill O'Reilly and Hillary Clinton talking about health care. It really seems that O'Reilly isn't concerned with discussing - or even hearing - the facts from the other side. As soon as Clinton starts to discuss the substance and reasoning behind her plan, O'Reilly says something about how complicated the whole thing is, and tries to move on to the next topic. That doesn't seem like good journalism to me. Rather than discussing health care in any kind of detail, it appears that O'Reilly just wants to get his "socialism" and "bankrupting the country" talking points in there.

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