Debate #3: Hatchet/Scalpel '08

15 October 2008

Once again, the viewer reaction polls have Obama winning by wide margins (see here and here).


UPDATE II: There's a new post-debate ad up.


UPDATE IV: From Steve Benen: " 'Joe the Plumber' isn't a licensed plumber, isn't a political independent, doesn't make more than $250,000, and his name isn't even 'Joe.' "

UPDATE V: Meanwhile, in Bizarro World, Rush Limbaugh made this observation: "I saw somebody who seemed irritated when McCain was speaking." Does that sound 100% backwards to anybody else? There is also this gem, where Limbaugh combines backwards analysis with unhinged paranoia: "I saw somebody who almost was close to blowing his cool in terms of facial expressions, and I saw the director cut away from Obama at those times so as to assist Obama in having his facial expressions not broadcast as much as possible." Limbaugh goes on to say that the people at FOX News (yes, that FOX News) are "elites" for saying that Obama won the debate.

UPDATE VI: Make sure to check in with Fact Check after every debate.

UPDATE VII: As a Decided Voter, I've already made up my mind. This was more of a political theater for me. Therefore, I'm happy to see all this post-debate satire (?) floating around.

Eh, it's something. When will this election be over?

UPDATE VIII: McCain-JoeThePlumber '08

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