John Flannery Addresses FOX News' Concerns Over "Vote Fraud"

18 October 2008

People like Laura Ingraham are going way overboard on this one. The basic facts are that: (1) ACORN registered 1.3 million new voters; (2) of that 1.3 million, ACORN was legally obligated to turn in all of them - even the questionable ones that they themselves flagged; (3) some of ACORN's workers filled out nonsense names, celebrity names, or just made-up names in an attempt to get paid for doing nothing; (4) of the 1.3 million new registrations turned in, a small percentage (but still in the thousands) were flagged either by ACORN itself, or due to some discrepancy in the records (which includes people changing addresses, misspelling words, and using the name "Tim" instead of "Timothy"); (5) the made-up people will not be voting on election day; (6) it would be prohibitively difficult for a major organized campaign to hire enough people to fraudulently double-vote in the election, since it would require a massive amount of people, those people would risk getting recognized at the polls, and those people would have to forge individual IDs under multiple names; and (7) the Department of Justice under our current President has been called out previously, by Republicans, for chasing ghosts on this alleged "widespread fraud" (keep in mind that this was the basis for the U.S. Attorney purge stemming from the 2006 elections).

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