Romney and the Courts

03 October 2007

Mitt Romney recently revealed his Advisory Committee on the Constitution and the Courts, a panel that will assist him in selecting his judicial nominees (if he wins the nomination). Among those on the panel is Pat Robertson's own Jay Sekulow. This is the guy who dragged Michael Schiavo through the Florida courts, losing every step of the way, and then convinced Congress to intervene (by passing an unconstitutional law) in an unusual case of judicial subversion. This is the guy who advocates stripping American citizens of the right to even be heard in court to address Establishment Clause violations. This is the same guy who earns $600,000 a year, making him the 13th highest paid "charitable organization" executive in the country. He even dips into the funds of his non-profit organizations to charter private jets... from a business owned by his own family. Now, Romney has tapped this guy to make important decisions about who the next Supreme Court nominees will be.

Another Committee member, Mary Ann Glendon, advocates a Constitutional amendment denying homosexual couples the ability to ever get married like heterosexual couples. According to Glendon, such "special treatment to one group of citizens" would "[impair] the rights of children," and has to be cut off permanently.

Let's hope this guy doesn't get elected.

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