Bill O'Reilly on Lesbianism

10 November 2007

According to Bill O'Reilly, these two lesbian teenagers were voted "cutest couple" simply to "tweak" the adults. Not because their peers thought they were actually the "cutest couple." According to Bill O'Reilly, you "have to respect" the "valid point of view" behind why some people will "be angry" at the idea of normalized homosexuality. Among those reasons, Bill cites how "it's much more difficult to be a homosexual than a heterosexual in America" (circular logic at its finest).

I also find it bizarre how Bill O'Reilly equates this yearbook recognition with "an exposition of sexuality," yet does not think that naming a heterosexual couple as "cutest couple" would also qualify as an "exposition of sexuality." His explanation for this logical contortion is first that homosexuality is in the minority, and then (once faced with the logical consequences of such moronic reasoning) he distinguishes it from race by saying that it's "conduct." So in sum, his position is that homosexuality is minority conduct. That's not an argument - it's a description.

According to Bill O'Reilly, all of these asinine "explanations" "shouldn't be condescended to." I disagree (yet I also admire Dr. Laura Berman's self-control).

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