CNN Starts to Fact-Check Giuliani

07 November 2007

It's a good start, but this still leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, Wolf leads off by saying, "Some are now questioning whether the Republican front-runner got his facts straight." No, they're not. They're telling you that he got his facts wrong. And they're absolutely right (see here and here). Furthermore, not only were the facts just plain wrong, but they were also misleading on another level (something that shouldn't be ignored, either).

Wolf's CNN correspondent doesn't do much better. According to her, "Well, according to a lot of the folks we talked to, in fact, all of the folks we talked to, they said he did not get his numbers right." When every expert you talk to says that Giuliani's 44% figure was wrong (almost by half), it's safe for you to call it "wrong," instead of devolving into the normal he-said-she-said journalism. Furthermore, it's safe to call Giuliani a liar and a dissembler when he keeps on repeating the claims he knows to be false and misleading.

Perhaps due to this lazy-to-nonexistant journalism, Rudy Giuliani has stuck by his false claims, and says that he will keep on repeating them. Yet for some reason, the media keeps on focusing on Clinton's non-existent playing of "the gender card," and keeps on ignoring this outright false claim. Where are your priorities, people?

UPDATE: The Washington Post does a better job here, but the headline is still way off (the figures are not "questionable" - they're "spectacularly wrong").

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