Michael Medved Joining the Discovery Institute

17 November 2007

Conservative film critic (who spoiled the plot for Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby) and frequent Rush Limbaugh fill-in Michael Medved will be joining the Discovery Institute as a senior fellow. He doesn't have a degree in science, by the way.

I recently wrote about Michael Medved and his affinity for using false and misattributed quotations to make his points. I think that he'll fit right in with resident quote-miners such as William Dembski (who assisted Ann Coulter in the writing of her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism).

I suppose that he'll also fit in with regard to the credulity and pseudoscience, as an avid believer in Bigfoot:

Dan Sytman, Michael’s producer and partner on the radio show, once saw Bigfoot at the edge of a summer camp in the woods. Even before meeting Dan, Michael was a passionate believer in Sasquatch.

(via Panda's Thumb)

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