Bill Moyers: Newark Mayor Cory Booker

29 March 2008



helen said...

As a fan of Bill Moyers, I was very disappointed in the second half of the program when he interviewed Cory Booker. I was waiting for Bill to ask Cory Booker some pointed questions about his position on the war in Iraq and the Bush administrations spending billions/trillions on an illegal invasion of another country and causing a dry-up of funds for vital programs in the states and cities of our country. How can there be a serious fight to erase poverty in the inner cities of our country when the funds for all the vital programs are being cut. As a former resident of Newark during the riots/uprising in the late 60's, I have seen the wreckage of the inner city and this plight cannot be corrected while we engage in aggresive wars against soverign nations based on lies. You can't have tax cuts for the super-rich and program cuts for the poor and solve the problems of poverty. I remember the community organizations in the late 60's and 70's that tried to clean up the streets. They were well-meaning but didn't change any of the basic problems. I wish you would return to an examination of the problems of our inner cities with other spokesmen who are much more in tune with the average American who sees the answer to the problems in our cities directly affected by the Bush administrations aggresive go-it-alone, "we rule the world" foreign policy. Sincerely, Irv Horowitz.

Vigilante said...

I disagree. I saw this interview last night and I was intrigued by Booker. He came across very convincingly as some one who thinks globally, but acts locally. Important work is to be done in all of the Newarks across our land.