Howard Wolfson Will Say Anything

06 March 2008

Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson was recently answering questions on a conference call about Hillary Clinton's refusal to release her tax returns. In a dizzying display of spin, he accused Obama of "imitating Ken Starr" simply by asking for the tax returns (so that Sen. Clinton can be properly vetted).

This is particularly disingenuous coming from Wolfson, due to this episode from Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate bid:

"In recent months, the team has been trying to focus public scrutiny on Lazio. Wolfson himself, along with a Democratic State Committee member dressed as Uncle Sam, showed up at a Lazio event in Harlem in August, taunting Lazio with the first lady's New York property tax returns and challenging him to release his returns. In any other campaign, it might have been the candidate who seized such a photo op; but with his boss invested in preserving her dignity, it occasionally falls to Wolfson"
Was it a Ken Starr-like attack back then, too?

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan has more here. It seems that the Clinton campaign reflexively defends itself by accusing its questioners of being a part of the "right wing conspiracy."


Vigilante said...

I get it. This essay of yours is on our own domestic axis of evil: Hillary Clinton, Howard Wolfson, Dick Morris and Ken Starr. The only one you have left out is that bicipital, Busheney.

We so desperately need to restart the 21st Century and pass the torch passed to a new generation of Americans.

You did well to quote from Andrew Sullivan!

Samuel Brainsample said...

Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad that you "get it." But I just have three quick points.

First, I'm not really a fan of the whole name-synergy thing. Why do people use words like "Billary" and "Busheney" (that one's new to me)?

Second, I wasn't even aware that "bicipital" was a word. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary.

Third, let's not go overboard with words like "evil." I realize the temptation to go straight for the overstatements, but there's a big difference between "insincere displays of outrage" and "evil."

Vigilante said...

I like getting lectures from people who have 'tudes. Keep it up, Dude!