Graph: McCain's Tax Cuts

25 March 2008

McCain's plan will put the United States another $3 trillion in debt. When McCain himself is dead and gone, the rest of us are going to be paying a whole lot of interest on our national debt (which is currently around $9 trillion) to China and Japan. Rather than discussing pastors and passports, I'd like to see more journalists start covering how incredibly irresponsible McCain's economic plans are.

(via American Prospect)

UPDATE: As I said before, even McCain's economic advisers acknowledge that McCain's plan "will make deficits expand." He's basically passing the bill to future generations (failing to acknowledge that this will result in higher taxes in the future in order to pay off our debt - with interest). On the other side of the fence, even the Wall Street Journal (grudgingly) notes that Obama's plan "adds up" (article available here, though you need either a subscription or access to Lexis).

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