Bill O'Reilly On DailyKos: Part V

02 August 2007

Chris Dodd appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show yesterday to talk about O'Reilly's treatment of the DailyKos website over the past few weeks. O'Reilly has compared the website to the Nazis, the KKK, David Duke, and Benito Mussolini, saying that it is "no different" in its hatefulness. All of this has been based simply on some tasteless user comments O'Reilly found on the site. But every time somebody goes on the program and points out that those comments (on top of being very far from Naziism) are not representative of the site itself (which enjoys thousands upon thousands of readers and commenters), O'Reilly just raises his voice and says something to the effect of "YES THEY ARE!"

Ever the highbrow journalist, O'Reilly prefaces this particular interview by stating that he does not respect Chris Dodd. At all.

A few minutes into the interview things quickly got heated, and Bill O'Reilly began to raise his voice and accuse DailyKos of "hate stuff." Chris Dodd pointed out that O'Reilly himself had made some rather angry remarks about how he wouldn't care if Al Qaeda blew up San Francisco's Coit Tower. Instead of denying that he had ever said such a thing, O'Reilly asked Dodd where and in what forum. Dodd said that he believed it was on the O'Reilly Factor television show (it was really on The Radio Factor, though). According to O'Reilly, "No, you're wrong, I didn't say it here. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL I SAID! WITH ALL DUE RESPECT [this sentence oozes with disrespect, by the way]. YOU GOT IT FROM MEDIA MATTERS!" As if the source of an exact quote discredited Dodd's entire argument. Actually, whether it was said on television or radio makes no difference whatsoever. Yet O'Reilly became indignant on this point, shouting at Dodd and trying to give his audience the impression that he had never said such a thing anywhere, ever.

Well, here is the audio of Bill O'Reilly saying exactly what Chris Dodd recounted:.

Here is the Media Matters page.

And here is the interview with Chris Dodd:

Hear the Interview Now! - Video available tonight.

UPDATE: Video here.

UPDATE #2: In a post-debate analysis, comedian Dennis Miller called Chris Dodd a "hack" and claimed that Bill O'Reilly's website gets "eight times" more traffic than DailyKos. Well, I checked, and just the opposite is true:

The blue line on top represents the amount of traffic on the DailyKos website, and the little red line on the bottom represents

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