Bill O'Reilly On DailyKos: Part VII

16 August 2007

On Meet the Press this past week, Harold Ford made the following claim about the open-forum Daily Kos website: "Markos, in all fairness, your site has posted awful things about Jewish Americans."

O'Reilly played the clip on his television show, calling DailyKos a "hate website":

Curiously, O'Reilly also quoted the following user posting in support of his assertion:

"If Jews love the U.S. so much- how come their #'s in the military are dismal? Instead of selling ones soul to be diamond brokers, investment bankers..."

Of course, O'Reilly made no mention of the open forum nature of the website in this segment. Instead, he chose to spin this as if Daily Kos had either written the comment or had encouraged that kind of sentiment. However, this particular comment came from the "user comment" section of a blog posting denouncing anti-semitism. Actually, the author of the article even criticized the stereotypical and bigoted remarks in that particular comment.

It's really remarkable how O'Reilly has spun a few user comments from an open forum website into an entire narrative about Daily Kos being a "hate website" that is "no different" from the Nazi party and the KKK.

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