Tommy Thompson: "Outta the Race"

12 August 2007

Presidential candidate Tommy Thompson recently told FOX that he was dropping out of the race, due to a poor showing in Iowa. According to Thompson, "my campaign was completely shocked. We absolutely thought we were coming in second." Instead, Thompson came in sixth place, right behind Ron Paul and right in front of some people who weren't even competing.

So what went wrong?

"Thompson's campaign may have been hurt by a pair of comments he made earlier this year. In April he told a Jewish group that earning money is "part of the Jewish tradition," a remark for which he later apologized. At a Republican debate the following month, he said an employer should be allowed to fire someone for being gay."

But it was fun while it lasted. According to FOX, "He brought many several issues to the forefront including Iraq." So thank you for bringing our attention to obscure issues like Iraq, Tommy. Where would we be today without you?


Anonymous said...

This image is superb.

Also, I'm sensing some regular features.

Namely Bill O'Reilly vs. [insert name for the week] & Stupidity Profiling.

Keep them coming.

Samuel Brainsample said...

The picture and the story really go so well together.