Minister Endorses Huckabee, Prays For Death of Critics

18 August 2007

The Reverend Wiley S. Drake (pictured left) recently endorsed Mike Huckabee on his Church's stationary, as well as on an Internet radio program. When Americans United for Separation of Church and State requested an IRS investigation, based on the political involvement of this tax-exempt organization, Wiley Drake fired back:

“In light of the recent attack from the ememies (sic) of God,” he wrote, “I ask the children of God to go into action with Imprecatory Prayer.” An imprecatory prayer is one that asks God to curse, injure or kill one’s adversaries.

Oh yeah, and this is the same Wiley Drake who signed a petition in support of James Kopp (who was convicted of killing an OB/GYN for performing legal abortions). So you can tell he really means it. (Drake's personal contribution to the petition read, in relevant part: "The price of blood is high. Some will pay high, and some will pay low, but pay, we all will for the 40 million babies we have killed. God bless you my brother as you serve Him, and His little ones.")

To his credit, Mike Huckabee denounced the "evil comments" of Wiley Drake.

...I wonder if Bill O'Reilly will condemn the Southern Baptist Convention (who elected Drake as Vice President) as a "hate group" that is "no different" from the Nazis and the KKK. Or is that label only reserved for open-forum websites?

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