Profiles in Stupidity: Dave Lewis (R-MT)

31 August 2007

Montana state Senator Dave Lewis (R-MT) weighs in on the recent outing of United States Senator Larry Craig (R-ID):

"As a Republican state senator in Montana and as a human being, I am offended by Senator Craig’s existence. Why oh why are most of the perverts that get caught Republicans? Are there more of them or are they just stupid? The thought of a US Senator chasing love in all the wrong places makes me think longingly of the Ayotollahs in Iran. They would just kill the turkey."

Dave Lewis is offended that this man even exists, and longs for a time and a place where the man would be killed. Way to pick your representatives, Montana.

Furthermore, this comment took place on a website that seems to be arguing that God is causing forest fires to punish us all for our collective moral depravity (or at least withholding his protection because of it).
"The question of moral values is important to saving our forests. Saving forests from destruction is a moral act. Without morality, forests cannot be saved; indeed, it is the moral collapse of our society that is at the root of our crisis of forest destruction. Our society began its moral collapse in the 1960’s, during our Cultural Revolution. I was there, and those were heady times...

But without the old forms, especially traditional moral values, the future, now the now, has proved to be dark and depressing. Larry Craig is just one among many elected leaders who harbor secret depravities, although he now is in that select group of folks who have been outed. Clinton is the role model nationally...

The Moral Collapse of America is not exclusive to our elected leaders. It is everywhere. TV is a massive explosion of decay and rot directly into the hypnotized brains of the Masses. The Media, the Internet, public schools, the malls, the theaters, the streets, are filled with people who have no moral base, no compass, no conscious, no sense of right and wrong, or at least, no strong desire to do right and not do wrong. Morality is based on relationship, the act of connecting with something outside oneself, and in particular, connecting with God. Sorry, but that’s how it is. The root of human morality is in personal relationships with the Higher Power....

But if we want to save our forests, we are going to have to do better at the basic morality issue. I am going to have to do better, and so are you. The crisis demands it. Common sense and decency are the required implements of forest salvation."

The hypnotized brains of the Masses?

UPDATE: Dave Lewis responds here.
Dave: The Ayatollah comment was over the top and just testifies to the degree of frustration I have with high level officials and truly stupid behavior. As I said earlier, I really don't care if he is gay but for goodness sake, as a country, we deserve to have U.S. Senators that are willing to think about their position of leadership in our culture. Embarrassing and stupid behavior is unacceptable. It demeans the office and the country they serve."

Jay: Dave, do you feel the same way about David Vitter and Ted Stevens? I'm curious, because in all the hooplah surrounding Craig, including various calls for resignation from fellow Senators, these two guys seem to have gotten off with nary an outcry. What's your take on that?

Dave: I feel the same way if they are found guilty of a crime. They are just accused at this point. If they are guilty, I put them in the same bag as Craig.

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