Bill O'Reilly Complains About Homosexuality. . . Again

07 April 2008

Apparently not taking his own advice that "I think everybody's got to relax on all this gay stuff," Bill O'Reilly hosted yet another segment where he complains that homosexuality is becoming too "mainstream." Video here:

Does he invite a panel of experts on psychology, or even a homosexual, onto his show to discuss this like adults? No. He invites Mark Rudov. The same Mark Rudov who has held entire discussions on FOX about how "shrill" Hillary Clinton's voice is.

I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton myself, but this is so incredibly far from actual journalism, and so far gone from intelligent conversation, that one wonders how anybody could use FOX as a primary source of news.

UPDATE: It looks like people who use Google prefer "homosexuality" to "Bill O'Reilly."

UPDATE II: As far as O'Reilly's claims that homosexuality is too "intrusive" or in-your-face go, I refer you to my ongoing "FOX News Has the Story" series:
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