The FOX Is Wrong

21 April 2008

One of the most annoying things of this campaign season has been how Obama's Pakistan comments were willfully misrepresented by the people at FOX (as well as by Clinton, McCain and Bush) and twisted into sound bytes about how he wants to bomb our ally. Even though that particular meme will likely die out (particularly since we did exactly what Obama suggested back in January), there will probably be another one that eventually takes its place, and then another after that. It will keep on going until the press stops reading so much Drudge and Politico, and starts doing its job.

UPDATE: There's something about running on a treadmill that puts things in perspective. I switched to Rookie of the Year instead of Major League, though.

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Steve Johnson said...

Hehe. It's so funny the way they do that. When a Democrat proposes that we fight the terrorists where they actually are, they cry "He wants to bomb our allies!" It's an argument that's a little too nuanced for the simple-minded.

Yeah, and you're right to point out that America did go into Pakistan like Obama talked about. I never heard anyone who jumped on Obama admit that he had a good point even after that.