Political Interference in the E.P.A. - Again

25 April 2008

From The Los Angeles Times:

More than half of the scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency who responded to a survey said they had experienced political interference in their work.

The survey results show "an agency under siege from political pressures," said the Union of Concerned Scientists report, which was released Wednesday and sent to EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson.
You can read the full report here (pdf).

This really should be a big story, but MSNBC is busy covering campaign strategy and FOX News is busy covering the candidates' appearances on WWE.

UPDATE: In any other administration, this would be a huge scandal. So would the earlier New York Times story about "Message Force Multipliers." Since when is it acceptable to doctor scientific information under the guise of an objective administrative organization? Since when is it acceptable to make false and misleading statements under the guise of seemingly objective retired generals? But above all, why do our journalists just not care anymore? Is it scandal-fatigue?

UPDATE II: Remember this?

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