MSNBC Gets Its Facts Wrong on McCain

16 April 2008

Things like this worry me:

On MSNBC Live, Mika Brzezinski said that Sen. John McCain "wants to eliminate the federal gas tax -- that's about 20 percent of the cost." Later, Monica Novotny said McCain is "proposing suspending the federal gas tax for the summer, potentially cutting prices by nearly 20 percent." In fact, the federal gas tax -- 18.4 cents per gallon -- comprises only 5.4 percent of the current average cost of regular gasoline.

Particularly since the press corps attends John McCain's birthday parties (seriously) and goes to informal barbecues at his house (watch the video).

In reality, McCain's plan will save the average family only $23, yet MSNBC is portraying it as some sort of miracle fix, with no mention of any down-side (we have to either cut funding to our already troubled infrastructure, or borrow billions from China and add to our already enormous national debt).

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